Il Brut and The Beast

It’s the day after my annual Love Actually screening and I am rightly feeling like I’ve had the shit kicked out of me by love (not literally obviously, my boyfriend is a human teddy bear.) Despite the backlash that came out in droves last year during the film’s ten year anniversary, I fucking adore this movie. I will fight you over the Shakespearean tragedy of Emma Thompson’s story (“I’m a classic fool.” “Yes, but you’ve also made a fool out of me; you’ve made the life I lead foolish, too.”)

So in the aftermath of so many #feels, it’s necessary to drink a comforting wine that is just as messy, ugly, remarkable, resilient and confounding as love. The above (who is appropriately being watched over by my papier-mâché kiwi bird Uncle Samwise Gamgee) is a wine that in the glass looks like sandy beach water. It has a twee label that recalls the drawings your Rage Against the Machine loving cousin made in their school books. It smells like that one time you opened a rock shell oyster straight from the sea and drowned it in lemon juice.

This is a natural frizzante, which means it is an Italian sparkling wine that was made to be deliberately funky. The winery, Valli Unite (which is nestled high in the hills of Piedmont by four families who are probably living a low-key version of The Villageferment the wine in tanks before moving to a bottle with yeast still remaining and active. What you smell is delightful bread, citrus, and brine notes and on the palate you get ripe apple, pear, and nuttiness. This is a go-to pizza wine and considering that I stuffed my face full of Margarita from Dellarocco’s last night, this probably should have been on my table (plus, if my salty tears fell into my glass, I wouldn’t have ruined the wine.)

Where to Buy? – The Natural Wine Company

Price? – $19.99

Grapes? – Like, a whole bunch you’ve probably never heard of (I hadn’t) like Cortese and Favorito, plus ol’ favorites like Moscato.


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