Grey Skies and Gamay



Look, I have no qualms about throwing on the gay scarf and pulling my socks over my pants to keep my ankles warm. I live for winter. Warm weather albarinos and rosés are wonderful things, but nothing touches the sensory joys of drinking a cold weather wine when the temperature is equal with my own age.

Since winter only came after Christmas this year, I’m refusing to take down my tree until at least MLK Jr. Day and I will not feel ashamed about it. (Even if it is the season of tick-infested trees…) Instead of removing baubles and lights, I went into the caverns of Astor Wine’s natural wine room to scurry away a Beaujolais.

Gamay (the primary grape of the Beaujolais region) is the manic pixie dream boy (yes, they exist) to the emotionally damaged and brooding Pinot Noir in the YA light-bodied wine relationship. This particular gamay (Marcel Lapierre’s “Morgon”) has a nose of strawberries dropped on the wet ground, reminding me of when an Upper East Side dog walker takes their wards straight from the dog spa and into the rain. The palate is more subtle than pinot, but the fruit flavors are quirkier: violets, black currant (borderline Ribena), thyme, mulberry. I feel pensive with pinot; I really need to write or debate over pinot. With this Beaujolais I smiled my way through two genuinely distressing episodes of Jessica Jones. This wine is like Eat Pray Love in a glass.


Where to find? – Astor Wines & Spirits

Price? – $27.97

Grapes? – Gamay



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