Strawberry Fields Forever

My longest and closest friend is the only person who can get me to legitimately piss myself laughing. It isn’t even intelligent humor; we joke about trash and awful sex. When we get together, our respective lives are checked at the door. I’ve gone months without even a text, graduating college, getting a job, boyfriend, some semblance of ‘maturity’ (jk) and yet we can get together in our deadbeat hometown and mindlessly dance to early 00s British crossover dance hits without missing a beat.

Every Christmas break, when I would return from college to the completely ridiculous Gisborne summer, my friend would roll up to my parents’ house with a bottle of Muskats @ Dawn (not kidding, this is the real name of the wine. Because, sure, why not). She would drive (because I refuse to give up my Learner’s license) and we would cruise out to the strawberry farms. She’d buy a box full of the juiciest, brambliest red jewels you’ve ever seen. This suckers were those strawberries that are all fruit no filler. We could polish off a pound each with the wine sitting in the beach parking lot.

I haven’t been home for Christmas in over two years, but I was reminded of these indulgent jaunts after tasting Chateau Rayas’ “La Pialade“. Holy shit guys. I bought this wine a few months back and completely forgot how much I spent, or frankly why I even bought the wine in first place. This single varietal Grenache (a rarity for Rhône) was recommended by Tim at Brooklyn Wine Exchange as a sublime experience and I took his word on it.

Finally open, this wine was unbelievable. Strawberry marmalade straight up no chaser. Black pepper, juniper, bruised plum, raspberry sauce. The smell knocked me over (I’m actually a very clumsy person, but trust me). I needed to sip this with five minute gaps. Every pleasure from drinking warm dessert wine and eating the fuck out of a berry bucket was represented in this glass of perfectly calibrated wine. All the problems you might have had with Grenache/garnacha is immediately resolved. This is dangerous, REAL dangerous.

I’m classifying this as a Yeezy treat yourself moment because it isn’t cheap but it is VITAL.

$49 – Brooklyn Wine Exchange


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